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English Basics
Volume 2, Number 16, January 5, 1998

Subject of a Sentence

The subject of a sentence is the word or group of words that is doing or being something.

A simple subject is a noun or pronoun that meets the above requirement.

Underline the simple subject in each sentence. The first five have been done for you.

1.x The hungry dog ate the spoon.
2. xChristina is a remarkable young lady.
3. xWhy did you insult your brother?
4. xMany kind neighbors helped the needy family.
5. xThe little porcupine looked for a friend.
6. xMy friends are very polite.
7. xAnthony eats tuna sandwiches for breakfast.
8. xA dangerous storm caused an unexpected delay.
9. xWhy do cows dislike chewing gum?
10. Our team will win the championship game!
11. Ancient cities are buried beneath the desert.
12. Nora did not appreciate William's green hair.
13. A majestic eagle soared above our heads.
14. We shoveled snow for hours.
15. Karen is wiping her shoes on the tablecloth.


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