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English Basics
Volume 2, Number 14, December 8, 1997


A preposition is a word that shows a relation between a noun or pronoun to another word in the sentence.

Underline the preposition in each sentence. The first five have been done for you.

1.x This present is for you.
2. xJason is hiding under the elephant.
3. xI'll have my ice cream with mustard, please.
4. xWhy is your goldfish staring at me?
5. xMy cousin planted poison ivy beside his house.
6. xDon't try that trick without a net!
7. xThe sign is leaning against the wall.
8. xSandra is walking through the ancient tunnel.
9. xNever play your violin near an angry tiger.
10. I refuse to walk past her house!
11. Dan snored during the entire speech.
12. This letter is from one of my favorite people.
13. I can see that Ryan got into the drawer again.
14. Why did the flea hop off the dog?
15. The big blue balloon is floating over the flowers.

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