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English Basics
Volume 2, Number 13, December 1, 1997


Each sentence below is missing a noun. The singular form of the noun is printed after the sentence. Write the correct form of the noun on the line. The first five have been done for you.

1. How many presents are
under the tree? present
2. My uncle's pranks are annoying. uncle
3. The members' votes were counted by hand. member
4. The teacher collected the children's papers. child
5. Does this mouse belong to you? mouse
6. You girls are not behaving like ______________! lady
7. I will grant you three ______________. wish
8. My ______________ car is falling apart. father
9. The ______________ are stacked against the door. box
10. The ______________ names are Big and Pig. puppy
11. Please take both your ______________ out of my pudding! foot
12. That ______________ belongs to my grandfather. cow
13. All of this ______________ characters had faults. story
14. Most ______________ colors will change during the fall. leaf
15. ______________ joke did not amuse the minister. Mary
16. The last four ______________ won the best prizes. customer
17. None of the ______________ showed the correct time. watch
18. The ______________ plan would surely get them into trouble. boy
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