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English Basics
Volume 2, Number 11, November 17, 1997

Singular and Plural Nouns

Singular means one. Plural means more than one.
Each sentence below is missing a plural noun. The singular form of the noun
is printed after the sentence.
Write the plural noun on the line. Use a
dictionary to help you when necessary. The first two have been done for

1. We only use stainless steel frying pans in our kitchen. pan
2. It took three men to carry the box. man
3. Ashley is never late for any of her ________________. class
4. Ryan can stack all the ________________ in one pile. box
5. Four ________________ are pulling the heavy cart. ox
6. It took us six ________________ to get here. day
7. I send all ________________ by e-mail. reply
8. My horse needs shoes on his ________________. hoof
9. Santa landed safely on all the ________________. roof
10. How many ________________ are in your class? child
11. Alex answered all the ________________ correctly. question
12. There are four ________________ in our little town. church
13. The ________________ are nervous during hunting season. deer
14. How many ________________ are in your club? woman
15. There are all ________________ of worms on the menu. kind
16. Our cat catches many ________________. mouse
17. We're always looking for ________________. spy
18. Crystal usually brings three hair ________________ to school. brush


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