RHL School

English Basics
Volume 1, Number 8, April, 28, 1997


     ADVERBS are words that describe, or modify verbs. They sometimes
modify adjectives or other adverbs. An ADVERB usually tells WHERE,

     Each of the following sentences contains one adverb.
Write the adverb on the numbered line.

1.  Tiffany always burps in the cafeteria.
2.  The old dragon slowly approached the men.
3.  I seldom see you running in the morning.
4.  I really like playing chess with Chris.
5.  It’s easy to see the flaw in your argument.
6.  Never brush your teeth with a toilet brush.
7.  I would say the score was fairly close.
8.  Come here and stop misbehaving.
9.  The funny little child could sing sweetly.
10. Look before you leap.

1______________________        6______________________

2______________________        7______________________

3______________________        8______________________

4______________________        9______________________

5______________________        10_____________________

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