RHL School

English Basics
Volume 1, Number 7, April, 21, 1997

Review of Nons, Verbs, and Adjectives

The following sentences contain numbered words that are nouns,
verbs, or adjectives. Indicate which part of speech each one is. The
first three have been answered for you.

1. Tiffany and (1)Roderick like painting (2)colorful pictures.

2. If you (3)find my pet snake, don’t put him in your pocket.

3. Jamie (4)is cuter than a (5)salamander.

4. Many (6)ugly (7)people are (8)beautiful, if you only have good enough

5. (9)Twenty terrible (10)turkeys tried teasing ten tired (11)toddlers.

6. Brittany (12)yelled at Robert for kissing (13)her (14)favorite (15)dog.

7. Christopher (16)was happy to hear about your (17)fantastic (18)luck.

8. (19)Look before you (20)leap!

Partial answer key:

1. noun
2. adjective
3. verb

Copyright 1997 RHL