RHL School

English Basics
Volume 1, Number 6, April, 14, 1997


An ADJECTIVE is a word that modifies or describes a noun or pronoun.
An ADJECTIVE can indicate what kind of, how many, whose, or which.

Each missing word in the sentences is an adjective. Write an adjective
in each blank that will make sense in the sentence.

1.  There are ten __________ girls in our class.

2.  Roderick is a __________ boy.

3.  The pancakes were delicious, but the muffins were __________.

4.  You are __________!

5.  __________  __________ people were sitting in the __________

6.  Can you hear that __________ sound?

7.  A __________ dog will not eat __________ food.

8.  The __________ stories we heard were at the __________ library.

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