RHL School

English Basics
Volume 1, Number 5, April 9, 1997


An ADJECTIVE is a word that modifies or describes a noun or pronoun. 
An ADJECTIVE can indicate what kind of, how many, whose, or which.

Each sentence below contains one or more adjectives. Read each
sentence carefully and underline the adjectives.

1.  Please don’t put spoiled milk in my little cup.

2.  Polite young ladies never pass gas in a crowded church!

3.  The foolish old cow tried to jump over the sleepy lion.

4.  You are mean!

5.  The two old men still believe that the Earth is flat.

6.  Seven silly snakes sat silently sipping soda.

7.  A dark cloud appeared over the dry garden.

8.  Please wrap your banana sandwich and put it in a paper bag.

9.  He missed his ride and will have to take the late bus.

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