RHL School

English Basics
Volume 1, Number 15, June 16, 1997

Object of the Preposition

The OBJECT of a PREPOSITION is the noun or pronoun that comes
after the preposition.

Underline the object of the preposition in each sentence.

1.  Please don’t juggle rocks near my foot.
2.  I never eat ants on a cloudy day.
3.  Tiffany is playing with her mashed potatoes again!
4.  He believes that gambling is a waste of good time.
5.  Who put olives in my cereal?
6.  There are chocolate chips under the whipped cream.
7.  This story is about a beautiful woman.
8.  Here is a hammer without a handle.
9.  I bought the prunes for you.
10. There’s a trailer behind the van.

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