RHL School

English Basics
Volume 1, Number 13, June 2, 1997

Possessive Pronouns

A POSSESSIVE PRONOUN shows ownership. Some authorities
consider possessive pronouns to be adjectives, since they modify nouns
or pronouns.

Underline the possessive pronoun in each sentence. Tell whether it’s
singular or plural.

1.  This painting is hers.
2.  My frog can kiss a princess and turn her into a toad.
3.  Her brother says she eats like a bird.
4.  Their excuse was that they were delayed by a flying cow.
5.  We wouldn’t have left our coats in the hall if we had expected the
dog to eat them.
6.  Daryl put his paint brush in the sink.
7.  Is that what your plan is all about?
8.  Does a clock know when its hands are cold?
9.  “No, the pink dress isn’t mine,” David growled.
10. “I believe this knife is yours!” the detective told Ashley.

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