RHL School

English Basics
Volume 1, Number 12, May 27, 1997

Possessive Pronouns

A POSSESSIVE PRONOUN shows ownership. Some authorities
consider possessive pronouns to be adjectives, since they modify nouns
or pronouns.

Underline the possessive pronoun in each sentence.

1.  My dog is very intelligent.
2.  Is the red cup yours?
3.  Why did he soak his socks in the punch?
4.  The girls lost their shoes on the roller coaster.
5.  The ketchup ice cream cone is mine.
6.  Jamie sold her picture for ten thousand dollars.
7.  Did you get our message?
8.  Why does your brother smile when he burps?
9.  The creature saw its reflection in the lake.
10. The lemon cookies are hers.

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